Anaesthetic Equipment Product Range

Anaesthetic Equipments includes:

  • Apnoea monitors
  • Breathing circuits
  • Rebreathing bags
  • Endotracheal Tube

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Anaesthetic Absorber
  Carbon dioxide circle absorber canister High quality polycarbonate Sui..
Ex Tax: $137.00
Anaesthetic Chamber
  Provides a simple method of induction Reduces physical restraint which minim..
Ex Tax: $451.30
Anaesthetic Face Masks
Available in 6 Sizes: SS, SM, S, M, L, LL Replacement diaphragms also available ..
Ex Tax: $43.40
Apalert Respiratory Monitor
  Anaesthetic depth can be assessed by monitoring respiration Audible apnoea a..
Ex Tax: $359.00
Ayers Non-Rebreathing Circuit
  Designed for small patients. Supplied with 1 litre bag with tail bleed valve..
Ex Tax: $33.40
Breathing Circuits
Breathing Circuit with Y piece Paediatric - 15mm Adult - 22mm ..
Ex Tax: $26.80
Cuffed Endotracheal Tube
  Available in 3 - 10mm sizes (0.5mm increments) Close fitting, low pressure c..
Ex Tax: $10.00
E/T Tube Cleaning Brush
  Malleable endotracheal tube cleaning brush Stainless steel shaft Two s..
Ex Tax: $10.40
Endotracheal Tube Rack
  Convenient storage for up to 20 endotracheal tubes Arranged by size for quic..
Ex Tax: $115.00
Feeding Tubes
X-ray opaque sentinel line Two eyes Funnel connector Attached cap Sma..
Intubating Stylet
  Made from malleable aluminium covered with a plastic sheath Allows for easy ..
Ex Tax: $9.60
Large Endotracheal Tubes
  Clear tube with cuff 51cm long Sizes: 12mm 13m..
Ex Tax: $71.50
Rebreathing Bags
  Black rubber, 22mm neck Available in a range of sizes 0.5 litr..
Ex Tax: $29.50
Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes
  Clear endotracheal tubes Available in 2.0 and 2.5mm sizes Packed steri..
Ex Tax: $6.80
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